DOUBLE FAIL: Bugatti Breaks Down After Showing Off And Then Has Window Malfunction


Same Bugatti, new embarrassing FAILS!

The saga of this ever-failing Saudi-owned Bugatti Veyron in London continues. Only a couple of weeks ago we covered a video of this gorgeous red and white Veyron in London being ticketed for parking on a double yellow line. Although we were willing to give the owner the benefit of the doubt and assume he had the best of intentions when parking illegally, it would now seem as if karma is coming back to haunt the guy.

The exact same Bugatti has now been spotted in London encountering some embarrassing problems in front of large crowds. The car was filmed showing off near Harrods only moments before breaking down and requiring the assistance of onlookers to push the car to safety.

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Following this, an additional humiliating incident involving the Veyron was filmed when it experienced a malfunctioning window in the rain.