Double Tuner Showdown: BMW 3 Series vs. Cadillac ATS

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Two of the best premium sport sedans are put to the test once again. Only now, each one has been tuned.

The comparisons between the BMW 3 Series and the Cadillac ATS are, for the most part, all said and done. In Motor Trend's opinion, the Caddy took home the gold for a few reasons, but mainly because of its excellent suspension tuning. The Bimmer is still an outstanding car, but the Americans have finally engineered and built a premium sports sedan that's worthy of taking on the segment's benchmark. Now it's time to compare the two rivals yet again, only this time each one has been modified into even more extreme driver's cars.

So can the ATS retain its crown in modified form or can the 3 Series, now packing an M3 Performance kit, take it away? Check out the latest Head 2 Head video from Motor Trend to find out.

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