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Dr. Dre's New And Badass Cadillac Escalade Is Better Than A Private Jet

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Would you expect anything less?

The guy supposedly has a net worth of around $700 million, so buying this totally tricked-out 2016 Cadillac Escalade ESV didn't even make a dent in his bank account. His patio furniture more than likely cost even more than his latest ride. Dr. Dre recently took possession of a new Escalade that cost him upwards of $200,000. Now, we all know Cadillac doesn't charge that much (yet) for its flagship SUV, but Dr. Dre went all out with the customizations because of course he would.

Although only one image was released showing Dr. Dre taking delivery of his new SUV, we gathered a bunch of images from custom luxury tuner Becker Automotive Design's previous Escalade projects (it also does custom work on Mercedes Sprinter vans). Yes, this is what's possible inside an Escalade. All you'll need is the appropriately-sized bank account to make it happen. Apparently Dr. Dre has been a longtime Becker customer, and he's fully involved in the design process. Right, so who needs a private Lear jet when you can travel the country in something like this? Remember, private jets cost millions and in comparison this thing is a bargain. Photos courtesy of Becker Automotive Design.

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