Drag Race Crash Immediately Improves Your Self-Esteem

Having a bad day? Enjoy this terrific little crash from a drag strip in Germany. It'll make you feel better.

It's never very nice to laugh at someone else's misfortune, however in this instance a complete lack of focus while sitting behind the wheel of a powerful drag-spec first-generation Volkswagen Golf is something worthy of ridicule. The crash took place at the Bautzen Summer Camp drag race in Germany. Apparently after both hatches ran quick warm-up sprints, the driver of the Golf quit paying attention to his surroundings and backed straight into the Honda CRX with the driver standing by the door, who was waiting patiently to make his run on the strip.

You can hear the Honda driver chewing out the driver of the Golf in German and he is lucky he didn't do more to the absent-minded, plaid-shorts wearing youth.

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