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Drag Race Tuesdays: 1,000hp Jeep SRT-8 Takes on All Comers

A 1,000hp supercharged Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 takes on an Audi R8, Nissan GT-R and a BMW X6M.

This week's edition of Drag Race Tuesdays features a 1,000hp Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 complete with supercharger taking on an Audi R8 V10, Nissan GT-R Mk. 1 tuned by Switzer and a Stage 2 Evotech BMW X6M.

The Audi R8 V10 had 525hp, the Nissan GT-R Mk. 1 by Switzer boasted 850hp while the BMW X6M with Evotech's Stage 2 tuning packed 630hp. With the aid of a Stoker 7.2 supercharger, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 handled itself quite well on the strip and showed off what the pride of Toledo, Ohio can do when properly tuned for serious power.

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