Drag Race Tuesdays: Bugatti Veyron vs. Koenigsegg CCXR

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Nothing like two of the premier supercars in the world on a rolling start running the quarter mile.

Two of the fastest cars in the world going head-to-head on a rolling start is definitely something that has to feature in this week's edition of Drag Race Tuesdays. The Koenigsegg (in its CCR form) broke the production car world speed record back in 2005, only to be trumped by the Bugatti Veyron two months later and then again by the Veyron Super Sport. We have a great race of the Koenigsegg CCXR taking on the Bugatti Veyron thanks to the guys over at DragTimes in Russia.

The Bugatti packs 1,001hp and the Koenigsegg has 1,079hp. They run from 0-62mph in 2.6 and 3.1 seconds, respectively, and hit 124mph in 7.3 and 8.9 seconds. It's a close call on paper. After the rolling start, the two are neck and neck. Its a close one, so who ya got? The French powerhouse or the Swedish supercar?

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