Drag Race Tuesdays: Toyota Supra vs. Dodge SRT4


Two cars that were discontinued in the last decade duel it out on the drag strip in Canada.

This week's Drag Race Tuesday pits a Toyota Supra vs. a Dodge SRT4. Both cars are turbocharged, however the Supra mk4 (foreground) is clearly the favorite and should easily overpower the SRT4 right? Dodge only produced the SRT4 for a few years, in between 2003-2005. The turbocharged Neon was their performance branch's baby. It utilized a 2.4-liter engine that could put out 215-230hp at stock depending on the model year.

This feisty Dodge happens to be far from stock. The Supra was disappointedly discontinued in 2002. The Supra was Toyota's enterprise into serious performance cars. Loved by all for its style and its twin-turbocharged 2JZ engine, the car quickly became a favorite of tuners and enthusiasts alike. This Supra is also far from its standard form. The race seen here took place at the CSCS Drag Racing Event in Toronto at Cayuga. Ran on the 25th of September, we are just glad the Supra didn't get damaged during the race. Why?

Because if we had to hear Jesse say "2JZ engine, no shit" one more time, we'd go nuts and attack someone. So, who do ya got: the Supra of lore or the red SRT4?

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