Drag Race

Drag Racing Camaro is the Fastest 6-Speed GM Car in the World

Having a turbocharged 6.0-liter truck engine certainly helps.

Many drag racers have automatic gearboxes, but some people still prefer to row their own gears. It’s just more fun that way (plus it saves weight). But you need to be a skilled drag racer in order to get those shifts down just right. And when you do, it’s time to build yourself something like this: a heavily modified Chevy Camaro powered by a turbocharged 6.0-liter truck engine mated to a six-speed manual. It has a total of 1,100 horsepower and an 8.63-second quarter mile time.

That’s actually a GM six-speed record. Check this thing out in the video, where it also goes head-to-head against a Corvette ZR1 (which also has a six-speed).

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