Drag Racing McLaren 650S Crashes Into Tanker Truck In China

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It's fortunate this crash didn't have a fiery end.

After watching a Nissan Maxima get dragged by a moving truck on a US highway for several miles, a similar accident happened in the Zhejiang Province in China earlier this month involving a McLaren 650S Spider which ended up being wedged under a truck during the crash. Luckily, the driver was uninjured, but the truck they crashed into happened to be a tanker truck. To make matters worse, the car ploughed straight into the truck's fuel tank, so it's rather fortunate that this crash didn't have a fiery end.

According to CarNewsChina, the driver of the McLaren was drag racing on the street with another car, when the driver lost control and crashed into the tanker. While the driver was thankfully unhurt, the same can't be said for the purple McLaren, which suffered extensive damage to the hood and front bumper. It looks to have been extensively modified too, finished in purple with black five-spoke wheels, red brake calipers and a black interior. As CarNewsChina points out, the color of the front splitter and lower bumper matches the body, when normally they stand out in black. Unfortunately for the driver, this will have been a very costly crash.

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Supercar prices are astraonimal in China - the McLaren 650S start at 3.26 million yuan ($470.000), and repairs are notoriously expensive too. It may have been an expensive accident, but at least it wasn't a fatal one – had the tanker exploded, the devastation it would have caused doesn't bare thinking about.

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