Drake Just Bought Our Most Recommended Celebrity Car


See, we do know what celebrities should be driving.

Just two days after we posted our "If We Were Celebrities, These Are The Cars We Would Buy" story, singer/rapper Drake has already heeded our advice. In the article, we gave our recommendations for cars that would be better than the current crop that celebs usually drive like the Bentley Continental and Range Rover. We started off by saying that celebrities should stop buying a Ferrari and get a McLaren 675LT. Well, that is exactly what Drake did! He now owns a CarBuzz-approved, white 675LT.


We won't toot our own horns too much here, because unfortunately the picture from @tonybet on Instagram predates our article going live. Also, with 675LTs being sold out for a while, we are sure that Drake ordered his car long ago. Still, you can't deny that we got this choice right and perhaps we should help more celebrities pick out their cars. The McLaren will join the rest of Drake's collection which includes a few Bentleys, some Rolls-Royces, a Gallardo, and a Bugatti Veyron. In addition to the 675, Drake also bought a white Rolls-Royce Dawn. Not a bad collection!

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