Drako Motors Teases 2,000-HP Dragon Electric Super-SUV

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Will it be able to make a dent in a hotly-contested segment?

Drako Motors has again teased the 2,000-horsepower Dragon electric super-SUV on its social media channels, just days before its November 17 reveal. The latest image doesn't give much away, but it's clear to see this all-electric SUV will be a truly striking machine. Sporting gullwing doors like the Tesla Model X, the Dragon appears to have a sleek, low-slung appearance reminiscent of the recently revealed Ferrari Purosangue.

Drako Motors hasn't shared any additional details, simply telling fans to stay tuned on November 17. So, what do we know about the newcomer so far? It will be a potent performer, judging by the automaker's claims: 2,000 horsepower permits the Dragon to hit 60 mph in 1.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 200 mph, comprehensively outgunning the Model X Plaid.

Drako Motors

Strong performance, while enjoyable, isn't the main selling point of high-end electric SUVs. As such, Drako Motors says buyers can expect a cabin "wrapped in Europe's finest, most sumptuous leather." We anticipate plenty of luxury and tech features, as this is what buyers expect in this segment.

Drako Motors previously piqued our interest by saying the Dragon will introduce a "unique layout" for getting in and out of the vehicle. We're guessing those gullwing doors have something to do with that. While the Tesla Model X and the new Mercedes EQS SUV are available with seven seats, it seems the Drako Dragon will have space for just five occupants and their belongings.

Drako Motors Drako Motors

The boutique firm is little-known but does have some experience in the automotive industry. Not too long ago, Drako Motors revealed the all-electric GTE, a vehicle it described at the time as the world's most powerful GT car. The power figures of 1,200 hp - and a startling 6,490 lb-ft of torque - are just as eye-widening as the price: $1.25 million.

Prices for the soon-to-be-unveiled Dragon are yet to be shared, but the automaker has said it will be "priced competitively to the existing super-SUV segment." With that in mind, we can expect it to be priced anywhere between $150,000 and $300,000. If additional options are available, these will only increase the MSRP.

Drako Motors Drako Motors Drako Motors

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