Drayson Gunning for EV Speed Record

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Electric racing specialist aims to break the land speed record for EVs under 1,000 kg.

There's a wide variety of land speed records. Aside from the outright top speed set by the Thrust SSC in 1997, there are individual records for speeds set on ice, by motorcycle and powered by a variety of sources: diesel, solar, wind, human… but here we're talking about the electric land speed record. The outright EV record belongs to the Buckeye Bullet at 307.7 mph. That's not what Drayson Racing is aiming to contest, instead focusing on the specific record for electric vehicles weighing less than 1,000 kg.

The record will be undertaken in Drayson's B12 69/EV, a Lola LMP1 chassis fitted with 850 horsepower worth of electric motors and a 30kWh battery. Although it currently weighs 1,095 kg, Drayson is working to strip it down with 600hp and a 20kWh battery along with low-resistance bodywork. The car will be driven by entrepreneur, racing driver and former government minister Lord Drayson himself on June 25 at the Royal Air Force base at Elvington in Yorkshire, England. The record currently stands at 175 mph, set by the General Electric Battery Box way back in 1974. With newer tech, Drayson should be able to smash that.

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