Drift Camp Is The Place Every Kid Should Be Sent To For Summer

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They can still learn to appreciate nature from the open air cabin of a 950 horsepower drift machine.

Nothing good starts out in a Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle, especially not when it's your main ride to summer camp. Those young enough to have to worry about camp may not be thinking about it now, but when the snow clears and the sun stops going down, abandoning us halfway through the day, then the prospect of being shipped out to camp because your parents love you is real. While they're at it, you might as well have them send you to Drift Camp.

An abandoned housing development in Latvia might be the last place anyone would want to go, but those with better memories may remember Ryan Tuerck and friends using such a place (the same one actually) to hoon a few tires to smithereens.

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Well, once the stars of this story exit that VW Transporter Shuttle, a similar adventure begins. Here they use the same Nissan 350Z, a E46 BMW M3, and a E92 M3 to leave their tire marks all over the place like a dog marking his territory. Thanks to seemingly infinite horsepower figures and clear heads supplied by the calming nature of the surrounding area, the three oversteer addicts unwind from a hard year of work and learn a few lessons in the sparse living conditions, just like camp.

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