Drifter Shows BMW M4 GTS Is Capable Of Far More Than You'd Expect

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Water cooled for the UAE desert.

One of the beautiful things about the automobile, is that it unites people across the globe under the same umbrella of automotive love that has us emptying our bank accounts for car parts and keeps our non-enthusiast friends annoyed every time we try to explain the difference between a Corvette Grand Sport and Z06. That fascination has manifested itself everywhere and, once digested by a different culture, is spewed out in different ways.

America is the land of the quarter mile drag strip while Japan loves oversteer. Meanwhile, the Middle East tends to take things to another level entirely. Over in the sprawl cities in the desert, car tricks like the hagwalah were invented.

The trick is basically what happens when you jerk the wheel of a front wheel drive car on a long wide road and break the rear tires' traction with such ferocity and disregard for the consequences that it's akin to trying to contain a punk rock concert inside of a car. Once these lunatics get inside of a proper rear-wheel drive drift machine, things get even better. In this case, the car in question is the BMW M4 GTS, BMW's most expensive car to date and by far the most aggressive factory-tuned M car that's road legal. With an injection of water in its engine and skill inhabiting the driver's seat, this BMW manages to find one of the more artistic ways to turn rubber into smoke.

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