Drifting A 1,000-HP Corvette On Mountain Roads

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Thought drifting the entire Nurburgring was challenging? Try it in a 1,000-hp Corvette on a mountain road with no safety rails.

We were recently dazzled by the sideways driving skills of Vaughn Gitting Jr., who drifted the entire Nurburgring in his modified Mustang. Not to be outdone, Formula Drift star Matt Field has upped the ante by drifting his 1,000-horsepower Chevrolet Corvette on a canyon road with no barriers to rely on as a safety net if things go wrong, leaving little margin for error.

Filmed in partnership with his sponsor Heat Wave, the three-minute video showcases Field sliding his Corvette on the twisty mountain roads with pinpoint precision.

In one scary moment, he slides perilously close to the side of the cliff to the point that the front tire dangles over the edge – a slight misjudgment of the throttle could have easily resulted in disaster. It's a truly awe-inspiring display of car control. There's also another incredible shot where the rear of the car kisses a guardrail during a slide, nearly taking out a camera in the process.

We've already seen dozens of drifting videos like this before, but what makes this one stand out aside from the driving skill on display is how it was shot. Using a drone camera, we get some unconventional camera shots from spectacular aerial views to extended tracking shots showing the Corvette burning some serious rubber.

Midway through, there's even an unexpected pit stop since the tires can only withstand such intense torture for so long. The sound of the Corvette's 1,050-hp 427-cu-in LS V8 is also a treat for the ears. Just stop reading this and watch the video right now – you can practically smell the burning rubber.

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