Drifting A 750-HP Mustang Around An F1 Track Is As Epic As It Sounds

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That's over half a mile, folks.

When it comes to drifting a car, most people would be content with just taking a small bend sideways. Those few seconds of tire-shredding sliding are the epitome of awesomeness for the wannabe drift kings of the world. But Vaughn Gittin Jr. isn't a wannabe drift king. The man actually makes a living driving sideways, and as such his drifts need to be a bit bigger in scale. That's why he headed to Barcelona's Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, an F1 track, to see just how far he could drift his 750-horsepower Mustang RTR.

It turns out you can drift a car 3,200 feet, which is more than half a mile (there are 5,280 feet in a mile).

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Unlike most Nascar tracks, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya isn't one large oval. That means Gittin Jr. had to get a bit creative to keep his drift going. To us this makes for a better video. Drifting in one large circle is cool and all, but there's more skill involved with exiting a turn and finding a way to slide along the straights, at least in our uneducated opinion. Check out this video and then watch Ryan Tuerck drift around the New Hampshire Motor Speedway (a Nascar track) and let us know which one is better.

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