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Drifting A Cloverleaf In A 900-HP Mustang Is One Way To Fete St Paddy's

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Keep your green beer, Vaughn Gittin Jr. has a different idea of celebrating.

Most of us celebrating St Patrick's Day today will probably mark the occasion by getting drunk on green beer or pints of Guinness, and making complete asses out of ourselves in the process. But Vaughn Gittin Jr. found another way to channel "the luck of the Irish."

Instead of heading down to the local pub, Gittin and the team at Ford Performance took a pro-drift-spec, green-painted Mustang RTR to Lake Worth, Texas (just west of Dallas), closed down a section of highway, and did what they do best: drifted the entire "cloverleaf" interchange.

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More commonly associated with Ireland (and performance-tuned Alfa Romeos), the cloverleaf is a configuration of highway onramps and exits forming four circles to allow traffic to smoothly merge with traffic, eliminating the need for traffic-stopping signs and lights. And as most any lead-footed driver could tell you, they can also be a bit of fun.

Gittin certainly thinks so, and he knows a thing or two about breaking traction with a judicious application of throttle and opposite lock. He did, after all, win the Formula Drift championship in 2020, driving a Mustang RTR not unlike this one.

It's the very same set of wheels in which he recently drifted the Nürburgring, which was touted as a world-first, and certainly captured our attention.

The 900-horsepower machine is a little different from the street-legal version you can buy at your local Ford dealer, but it's served Gittin well. Along with the championship, the Maryland native has won ten Formula Drift rounds – second only to 2015 champ Frederic Aasbø – along with a couple of exhibition races in the rival D1 Grand Prix series. But it may be the video exploits like this one for which he'll be best remembered.