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Drifting A Supercar Is So Easy Even A Kid Can Do It

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At least that’s what this 14-year-old will have you believe.

The internet is so full of cars going sideways you would think that modern tires were simply not up to the task of putting the power down to the road. Seeing a car carve up a set of corners in a perfectly controlled drift does make for some good viewing, but it is far from being as easy as it seems.

When it is done in a powerful rear-wheel-drive supercar in the snow then the skill required rises to another level altogether. So the 14-year-old boy in this video has clearly spent a lot more time on the track then behind his computer screen to make it seem as effortless as he does.

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The video was shot to promote the Monticello Motor Club, an elite driving school for teenagers between 14 and 19 who want to add some practical driving skills to their online supercar piloting abilities.

Andrew has just attended this year's teen race camp and to demonstrate his skills he took a 647 horsepower Ford GT around a snow-covered racetrack. Despite needing a booster seat to see out of the thing, he showed impressive car control in a vehicle clearly better suited to a bone-dry race track.

With the adjustable ride-height set to its maximum Andrew sets off in the GT for a lap that sees him spending most of his time at angles that would make even Chris Harris proud. With the next teen race camp set to start in August perhaps next time, Andrew will show us how it's done on a dry track.