Drifting Banned in Saudi Arabia as More and More Die

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Saudi officials cracking down on hagwalah hoonage and car surfing.

Drifters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are becoming such a menace on the roads that new laws have been put in place that upgrades the driving technique from a traffic violation to a criminal offense. Note that "drifting" refers to popping a car on two wheels at high speeds. First-time drifters will lose their rides for a month and be fined 10,000 Saudi Riyals (the equivalent of $2,500).

Get caught for a second time, and offenders will lose their cars for three months, face up to a year in jail and be fined 10,000 SR (around $5k). Third-time offenders will have their vehicle impounded from between one and five years and be hit with a fine of 40,000 SR ($10k). Drivers won't be the only ones punished either. Those found in the passenger seat and spectators will be considered accomplices and will face a 1,500 SR fine ($400) and lose their car for at least 15 days. The new regulations come in the wake of increased traffic-related accidents caused by irresponsible drifters. A recent study found that 19 people die each day in road-related fatalities.

Update: Looks like legislation is falling on deaf ears, hear is a video from March of no less than 5 Saudi youths changing the tire of a Toyota FJ Cruiser whilst in mid-hagwallah.

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