Drifting Bimmers, Polish-Style

A Polish drifting club isn't afraid to use public roads as its playground when getting sideways and burning rubber.

Drifting has become an international phenomenon, as evidenced by an even greater number of enthusiasts taking up the showy motorsport discipline. Even outside of major drifting events, amateurs show-boaters have taken to it like some many moths to flame, extending well beyond the US and Japan to other countries. Like Poland, for example. This latest video is from a group of drivers who call themselves JBB, which is an acronym for the group's name, which translates into English as "More Driving Sideways".

Getting behind the wheels of their BMWs, the guys are now celebrating one of their team-members' newborn child. Watch them do some serious hooning on public streets, which is probably not exactly legal judging by the blurred-out license plates and faces. But then we can think of a few other ways of having fun that aren't in keeping with the law, either.

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