Drifting Dad Packs His Entire Family Into His BMW For A Quick Sideways Session

Cute kids and drifting are a win every time.

Drifting with kids in the car is becoming a new trend. We saw what it was like when a drifting dad’s kid rode shotgun in his Toyota Sprinter Trueno but now the ante has been upped. Former pro drifter Calvin Wan has packed his entire family, including his two toddlers, into an E46 BMW M3. These kids are a bit younger than the boy in the first video but seem to love drifting with mom and dad all the same. Warning: The cuteness is a bit tough to handle at times.

Worry warts will say that these kids shouldn’t be drifting or that the helmets don’t provide adequate protection, etc… All we know is this seems like a great way for a family of gearheads to spend time together.

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