Drifting Mercedes-AMG C63 Mows Down Cop In Times Square


Video footage of the incident looks like a scene out of Grand Theft Auto.

An attempted traffic stop went badly wrong last weekend when a cop tried to apprehend the driver of a Mercedes-AMG C63 that was driving dangerously in Times Square. The suspect was spotted erratically driving a black 510-horsepower Mercedes-AMG C63 doing drifts, donuts and engulfing Manhattan in copious amounts of tire smoke when they were spotted by an on-duty cop who approached the car on-foot to try and arrest the suspect.

Video footage captured by an exotic car-spotter shows the driver failing to stop, flooring the Mercedes-AMG and driving directly into the officer, who gets dragged by the car for a short distance before falling to the ground. According to New York Post, the officer, identified as 26-year old Ian Wallace, was treated for minor injuries to his back, arms, right leg and right hip.

Despite his injuries, the officer chases after the car on-foot with his gun drawn, but the Mercedes-AMG driver refused to stop. Desperate to escape, the driver sped through congested NYC streets, side-swiping several cars stuck in busy traffic. Miraculously, they managed to escape and are still at large. "On Friday or Saturday nights when I have time, I post up in Times Square to film the nice cars that pass through for my Instagram stories while I longboard," the passer-by who filmed the incident wrote in the video description on YouTube. "So I saw some nice cars passing by and I jumped out of Starbucks for the 4th time and skated after them."

I went up ahead to get some nice footage which is when a random Mercedes came out of nowhere and started a rolling burnout. I turned my camera on him and that's the video footage started. Afterwards, I followed the police, but they couldn't stop the car as he drifted down 42nd and got away." Despite the obvious dangers of driving irresponsibility on the public road, drivers doing burnouts in Times Square is relatively common. It also appears the driver of the Mercedes-AMG was part of a group, as you can see a Dodge Challenger and Nissan GT-R following close behind. No arrests have been made as the investigation remains on-going.

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