Drive Channel Begins TV Adventure This Weekend

Ten-episode series on NBCSN begins Saturday.

A big congratulations to the /Drive crew are in order, as the Youtube channel has signed a deal to air ten episodes with NBCSN. Now in its ninth season we’ve been fans of Chris Harris & Co. since Drive’s inception and this deal is a testament to the quality of the production it puts out on a consistent basis. The move to your TV set does not mean the Youtube channel will cease to be. So don’t panic! Think of the TV deal as a side project, the first episode of which airs this Saturday, May 24, at 9.30 am EST.

Coinciding with the network’s coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix, the maiden episode sees Chris Harris, Mike Spinelli and Matt Farah drive a Ferrari F12, McLaren 650S and SLS Black Series around Monaco. The remaining episodes will start airing in July.

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