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Maranello's latest track program is for GT racers from the past 30 years.

Want to see what your Ferrari can do? The street's not the place for it – you'll want to take your Prancing Horse to the track. Fortunately the automaker offers an array of track programs, and it's just launched another.

Announced at the Autosport International show in the UK, Club Competizioni GT offers clients the chance to drive Maranello's modern tin-top racers in organized events around the world. It's sort of like the XX program for track-tuned hypercars or the F1 Clienti framework for retired single-seaters, but this one's designed for the kind of machines that compete at Le Mans.

The program's geared towards competition machinery from the past three decades – a dozen of which are currently eligible – from the 1989 F40 Competizione to today's 488 GT3 and GTE. In addition to the latter's predecessors, then, you might expect to see models like the 550 GTS and 575 GTC taking part, and maybe even the odd 333 SP or F50 GT (though only three of those were ever made).

The first year's calendar has already been announced, starting at Mugello in Italy in April before hitting Indianapolis in the USA, Fuji in Japan, and Vallelunga outside Rome.

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The schedule culminates with the Finali Mondiali year-end event, which will be held this year at the factory in Maranello late in October.

Those fortunate enough to take part will benefit from technical assistance, driver coaching from the factory's own racing pilots, and VIP hospitality. Participation includes a custom racing suit and a set of tires for each event. Of course, it doesn't include acquiring a retired 360 GTC, F430 GT3, or the like, but something tells us the organizers will be glad to help you out with that, too.