DRIVE Goes Behind the Scenes at Koenigsegg HQ

Part 1 of a 9-part series goes behind the scenes of Swedish hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg. In this episode, we're shown how vital carbon fiber is to the Agera R.

In the first installment in the Drive channel's nine-part series on Koenigsegg, the Swedish hypercar-maker's founder Christian Von Koenigsegg himself gives us a complete rundown on how his company utilizes carbon fiber for the outrageous Agera R. According to Koenigsegg, his are the most carbon fiber-intensive cars in production, with each unit utilizing more than 400 pieces of the costly and laborsome but lightweight material.

From the company's headquarters housed in the hangars of a former Swedish Air Force fighter jet squadron, get ready for what will be the most in-depth inside look at one of the world's most advanced and detail-oriented automakers. Learn how much planning and labor is put into each Agera R and how carbon fiber plays an integral role.

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