DRIVE Goes Inside Koenigsegg

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A new nine-part web series from the Drive channel will go behind the scenes of Swedish supercar company Koenigsegg.

Want to know how a boutique purveyor of supercars fuctions? Drive has got the answers. The online automotive video channel has been spending some time in Angelholm, Sweden, preparing a nine-part series on how Chrisitan Von Koenigsegg and company operate. It's an interesting topic, to say the least, as Koenigsegg is one of the most intriguing automakers in the business, having started up from scratch to build some of the most ludicrously fast performance machines on the market, culminating in today's Agera R.

"Inside Koenigsegg" is set to start airing on YouTube on January 8, but for a hint at what to expect, Drive has released this brief teaser clip. Check it out.

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