'Drive' Hosts Battle for Video Views


Harris, Farah, Roy and Parente create Cadillac CTS-V videos to garner your affections...and YouTube viewers.

Drive arguably produces the best video content this side of Top Gear, bringing together some of the top names in the business. The question is, with characters like Matt Farah and Chris Harris on board, who makes the best videos of them all?

To determine which host is the most popular, Farah and Harris, along with Alex Roy and Leo Parente were tasked with creating a video that had to be at least two minutes long and feature a Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon.

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If you're in to drifting and dry British wit, then Harris' production is the one to watch, while those with a penchant for leggy blondes screaming in the passenger seat will want to check out Leo Parente's offering.

Matt Farah attempts to make Drive producer JF Musial throw-up in the passenger seat while going for the maximum amount of lateral G's, and Alex Roy shares his techniques for how to seduce women with the CTS-V wagon. Votes are cast by simply watching the video, and the host with the most views after a week will be crowned champion.