Drive Meets the Blu Balz Camaro

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It's not uncommon in the least to see restored and customized classic Camaros, but we doubt none come quite as close to being as awesome as the car called Blu Balz.

We're all about giving custom cars proper nicknames, but the one given to this restored 1968 Camaro is just too perfect. Built by JCG Restorations of Oxnard, California, and featured on the Drive channel's Big Muscle series, this one-of-a-kind classic Chevy is greeted by host Mike Musto. Built to recapture the spirit of old Trans-Am racers from more than 40 years ago, this custom Camaro is powered by an LS7 V8 with 600 horsepower and rides on ridiculously wide tires - just what the doctor ordered to get that power down.

Aside from the power output and bona fide autocross credentials, this pro-touring muscle car showcases some beautiful craftsmanship, evidenced in the billet-aluminum gauge cluster, center console and the custom grille. As Musto puts it, the car dubbed "Blu Balz" is simply "the complete package". Check it out in the video below.

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