DRIVE Previews Season 4

YouTube's most popular automotive channel prepares for its fourth season of classics, racing, motorbikes and more.

What's a car nut to watch when Top Gear is on break? We'll tell you what: Drive. We don't just mean getting into your car and going for a cruise, though that's always on the menu. We're talking about the popular web series hosted by such top talents as Chris Harris, Matt Farah, Alex Roy and Mike Spinelli. After producing 350 segments viewed by 150,000 YouTube subscribers some 28 million times, Drive is gearing up for its fourth "season", and as this preview clip shows, it's is showing no sign of slowing down.

In its latest series, Drive will be sampling a diverse cross-section of machinery including muscle cars, classic cars, racing cars, motorcycles and much, much more through its Big Muscle, RideApart, Driven, Shakedown, Road Testament and Chris Harris on Cars segments. Check out the video below for a little taste of what's in store.

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