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The host of the popular web series Big Muscle discusses his old-school resto-mods, a 1968 Charger and 1969 Daytona.

Why do people love classic muscle cars? It's a question that may or may not have a definitive answer, but what we can all agree on is that they appeal to a certain type of car enthusiast. Mike Musto, host of Drive's "Big Muscle" series, happens to own two Mopar classics: a 1968 Charger and a 1969 Daytona. Both have been restored and modified for one purpose only: pure driving enjoyment. Unlike other muscle car owners, Musto drives the hell out of his cars by participating in One Lap of America, Bull Run and other road rally events.

For today's episode, fellow Drive hosts Larry Kosilla and J.F. Musial get behind the wheel of Musto's cars, each having a personality all its own, but what they both share is the utter coolness factor. This Charger and Daytona are instant show stoppers, even impressing plenty of Bugatti and Ferrari owners. Nothing like some all-American muscle car goodness.

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