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Drive This Popular Chevy? Your Suspension Could Fall Off

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GM's recalling nearly 113,000 of them to fix the problem.

In the market for a small SUV? Starting at just $21,300, the Chevy Trax presents a compelling choice. In fact, GM has sold over a quarter-million of them since rolling out the model here five years ago. But a good half of those may encounter problems with their suspensions.

As in, the suspension might fall off – an issue which has prompted Chevrolet and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to issue a recall for 112,958 vehicles in the United States to inspect and (where necessary) replace the front lower control arms on both sides.

According to the recall notice, the lower control arms may not have been properly welded in place during final assembly, which could then break and partially separate from the rest of the vehicle. If that sounds like it could be dangerous (particularly while the vehicle's in motion), the manufacturer and government safety regulators evidently agree – hence the recall.

The campaign affects 2017-19 models, representing roughly half of those sold to date. Dealer technicians will check to see if the welding was done properly in the first place, and if not, replace the suspension components.

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In the first quarter of this calendar year alone, GM sold 24,580 Trax crossovers. That puts it just 26 units behind the closely related (but more upscale) Buick Encore, and more than twice the number of Sonics and Sparks it sold combined over the same period.

All told, GM has moved 193,785 examples of the Trax over the calendar years corresponding to the model years affected, and it's recalling 112,958 of them. So chances are that if you have a late-model Chevy Trax in your driveway, you can expect to receive a recall notice in your mailbox.