Driver Amazingly Saves His Porsche From Devastating Nurburgring Crash

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Proof that incredible reflexes can keep you alive.

As countless examples of Nurburgring fails will show you, race car driving is for those who live life on the edge. Lucky for this particular Porsche driver, he took the term seriously and used the very edge of the ring to avoid plowing his white 911 GT3 into one of its elders, an older soft top 911. This may be an instance where the problem lies in that the GT3 can take corners a little too well. The driver takes the turn at a high speed and does not see a slower 911 putting along in front of him until it was almost too late.

Juggling between hard braking and letting the car coast in order to stay straight on the grass, the GT3 driver avoided being yet another Porsche busted by the ring.

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