Driver Arrested For Failing To Remove Snow From His Truck

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A chunk of the snow/ice flew into another vehicle.

It's that time of year where fitting winter tires is necessary and many journeys begin by brushing snow and/or ice off your vehicle. If you've ever been in a hurry and neglected to do this, an unfortunate story from Londonderry in New Hampshire should be enough to make you think twice.

Last week, Londonderry Police Department reported that snow and ice that dislodged from the box truck that Richard Leiter, 60, was driving struck a Honda Accord close by, seriously injuring the driver after the Accord's windshield was shattered. While there are some strange state-specific driving laws out there, it's clear why Jessica's Law - requiring New Hampshire drivers to remove snow/ice from their cars - remains in place.
Londonderry Police Department/Facebook
Londonderry Police Department/Facebook

The incident occurred on Route 102 in Londonderry when a large chunk of snow and ice struck 22-year-old Michael Conry, who was driving the Accord. He allegedly suffered serious but non-threatening injuries to both his eyes and face and had to have shards of glass removed from both his eyes.

The charges against Leiter include vehicular assault and reckless conduct - both Class-A misdemeanors - and negligent driving. An eyewitness later informed Leiter what had occurred before he turned around and returned to the scene. Once there, Leiter waited for first responders and cooperated with police officers.

Front Angle View Honda
Rear Angle View Honda

Leiter later turned himself in voluntarily and was released on personal recognizance bail. His arraignment is scheduled to take place at the Derry District Court on February 17.

While it is a relief that the young driver of the Accord wasn't more severely injured, the accident serves as a reminder to drivers in snow-affected regions that snow and ice are dangerous; removing snow from your vehicle is essential and should form part of any routine commute. Not doing so can not only see you being charged but could lead to the worst-case scenario of a fatal injury to other road users. Take care out there this holiday season.

Cyber Nut/YouTube
Cyber Nut/YouTube
Cyber Nut/YouTube

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