Dash Cam

Driver Narrowly Dodges Flying Pick Up Truck

Only his cat-like reflexes saved the driver from a would-be fatal impact.

Regardless of where in the world it happens, it’s hard to pinpoint what makes watching a near miss such compelling viewing. Perhaps its the fright and subsequent comfort we feel at the sight of a driver narrowly escaping a fatal crash. Take this incident from north-east Thailand. While cruising down Highway 24 near Nakhon Ratchasima province, an unsuspecting driver of a Ford Ranger is suddenly faced with a flying Mazda BT50 pickup (reasons for being airborne currently unknown). From his dash-cam video, you will see he manages to smartly avoid the impact.

He also had the composure to work his wipers and clear the ute's windshield before coming safely to a stop. He then quickly rushed to check on his compatriot, and thankfully the only damage done was to the flying Mazda driver’s arm after the roof caved in. Hat tip to Nit and May for the story!

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