Driver Owns 2013 Mustang GT/CS for 8 Hours Before Wrapping it Around Tree

It pains us to report these incidents, but we hope they stop others from repeating the same mistakes.

So you've just picked up a brand-new Mustang California Special Edition from the dealership, and you can't wait to get it home and show off the fancy new rear wing, GTCS graphics and other bespoke touches. More importantly you want show your buddies just how good the 420hp 5.0-liter V8 sounds. After that it's time to take the car for a proper drive, so you stretch its legs on the highway before heading home. Be careful though, cornering is not the 'Stang's strong point.

Something this seriously unlucky punter found out to his considerable cost, $40,000 to be precise. Just eight hours after picking up the keys, he was stepping out bruised and with minor cuts to review the mangled mess of his brand-new GT/CS Mustang. Having taken a corner at over 80mph, he lost control of the blacked out muscle car, slid off the road, through a field and into a tree. Had a passenger been present, we may not have written this story as the passenger seat took the brunt of the impact. Thankfully he was flying solo and no-one was seriously injured.

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