Driver's Attempt to Drift BMW Ends in Utter Failure

+10 points if you don't laugh.

Lately, it seems that everyone with rear-wheel drive and a manualtransmission thinks they are a drift god. The facts however, proveotherwise. This video is a perfect example of someone who probablyshould have stayed home, but it provides us all with a the drivers expense of course. A stock E30 may not be the best choice to start with, and we can see why. The 30-second mark is when things really start to get good.

The driver has a decent entry, but without the power to maintain the drift, he ends up regaining traction and heading straight for the grass.

It goes from bad to worse as he heads into some low concrete barriers which proceed to absolutely tear the undercarriage to shreds. The resulting sounds are nothing short of hysterical. This, boys and girls, is why some people should keep drifting on their Playstations. Sit back, crank up the volume, and enjoy the sounds of a drifting failure.

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