Driver Sacrifices Tesla Model S To Save Passat, Musk Repairs It For Free

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Not a bad idea to market your company as a community for heroes rather than an anonymous giant.

Not all heroes wear capes, and while this phrase is used as a token of appreciation to thank our firefighters, doctors, and pizza-delivering college students, it fits Tesla owner Manfred Kick well. That's because German news source Muenchner Merkur reported that Kick, a Model S owner, was driving near Munich, Germany when he spotted a Volkswagen Passat swerving into the guardrail and driving erratically. Upon pulling up to inspect (Kick's first brave act), he saw that the Volkswagen driver was unconscious.

Feuerwehr Munchen/Facebook

Without stopping to think about the consequences, Kick then hit the throttle to summon up electric torque and sped in front of the Volkswagen. Using a feather foot, he tapped the brakes so that the Passat made contact with the rear bumper of his Model S and then gently slowed the runaway Volkswagen to a stop. Once at a standstill, Kick gave first aid to the Volkswagen driver, who was suspected of suffering from a stroke. Once the fire department came, all was good, with the Passat driver getting the needed medical attention and Kick being able to go home a hero for saving a life, albeit at the expense of the rear bumper on his Model S.

The total damage between the two cars was estimated at €10,000 ($10,673) with most of the costs coming from the Passat's repair bill given that it slammed into the guardrail multiple times. Worth it, right? Wait though, because this gets better. In case you needed an uplifting reason to pass on a good deed for the day, check Elon Musk's Twitter because the Tesla CEO saw the news and congratulated the hero, saying, "Congrats to the Tesla owner who sacrificed damage to his own car to bring a car with an unconscious driver safely to a stop!" Of course he had to follow that up with a gratuitous CEO power move to rial up the Tesla community, which he did by offering to fix the damaged Tesla for free and expediting the repairs.

"In appreciation, Tesla is providing all repair costs free of charge and expedited," Musk said on Twitter. Note to all Tesla owners: good deeds do pay off. Photos from Munich Fire Department Facebook, Feuerwehr München.


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