Driver Survives But Heading to Jail After Horror Crash

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NOT wearing a seatbelt saved this guy from almost certain death.

Driving north towards Wytheville, Virginia, driver Jacob Henley hit a tractor-trailer, went across the median and crashed into the end of a guardrail. Despite the guardrail piercing through his Dodge Caliber's radiator and dashboard, ripping off the headrest and exiting out the back window, the driver walked away with minor injuries. However according to the police charged Henley with "reckless driving, driving on a revoked license, not wearing a seat belt, having expired tags, and not having proof of insurance."

The fact he wasn't wearing a seatbelt may send him to jail, but ironically it also saved his life, as the force of the impact threw Henley into the passenger seat, sparing him from the incoming guardrail.

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