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Driver Walks Away From Horrific Toyota MR2 Crash

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A testament to the structural rigidity of the MR2.

Sometimes it's hard to believe anyone can survive an horrific-looking accident when you see a photo showing the remains of a car wrecked beyond recognition. Case in point: the driver of this 2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder is very lucky to be alive after the two-seater sports car was hit by a semi-truck.

The driver of the MR2, Scott Shepard of Rincon, Georgia, recalls the accident in a Facebook post. Shepard was driving his MR2 when he was cut off by a speeding pickup truck. This caused a bucket to fly off the truck's bed into the path of the MR2, causing Shepard to take evasive action. He swerved to avoid the bucket but lost control of the sports car and ended up facing an oncoming semi-truck.

After being hit by the semi, the Toyota's front end was crushed, causing serious structural damage to the car. Sheppard says he was trapped inside the car after the dashboard collapsed and the steering wheel pinned him in his seat, while the convertible top collapsed around him. Luckily, he was able to free himself and escape the twisted metal by removing his shoes, cutting through the roof, and bending the frame.

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Somehow, Sheppard was uninjured in the nasty-looking crash apart from a few scratches and bruises. He even left the hospital without needing any bandages, which he says is a testament to the structural rigidity of the MR2. "Kudos to Toyota engineers," he wrote. "I shouldn't be here right now."

The MR2 has been out of production since 2007, but Toyota has recently hinted that it could revive the two-seater sports car in the future as a fully electric sports car that would between the 86 and the new Supra.