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Drivers Can Now Give Hyundai Santa Fe The Finger

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Fourth-gen Santa Fe uses fingerprint tech to unlock and start.

Hyundai has been improving its product range over the past decade to the point where its latest models can stand wheel to wheel with the best European offerings. Case in point: the Santa Fe crossover.

This model has been designed to appeal to a global audience and its features are tailored to suit each market it competes in. For the Chinese market, it will debut a new technology that allows the driver to unlock doors and start the car with the use of their fingerprint.

We've had fingerprint unlocking technology for years on smartphones, so it seems like a long overdue move to incorporate them into vehicles too but while other automakers have considered using similar technology before, concerns over vehicle security and durability have deterred their implementation till now.

The news was reported by the Korea Herald following the reveal of the new Santa Fe in China at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition this week. There is no word yet whether this tech will make it into US versions of this crossover, but it does come packed with the latest tech features on the market. Certain options, like the rear seat alert system that warns the driver of any movement in the back once they have left the vehicle, are unique in its class.

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China is a very important market for Hyundai and it hopes to increase its market share there by offering these sorts of upmarket features. The North American offerings currently include this new two-row Santa Fe as well as the three-row Santa Fe XL (which is the renamed 2018 Santa Fe) and if you still need more space then the upcoming Palisade SUV will be their largest crossover yet.

As an example of how Hyundai tailor their products to suit the global market, this three-row flagship will offer up to 16 cup holders. Talk about knowing your target audience.