Drivetribe Finally Finds The Alfa Romeo Giulia QV's Weak Spot

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And it comes with a BMW badge.

It seems almost law that smaller BMW M cars are simply not built to be masters of the drag strip. After all, these things didn't earn their names with ferocious police-luring amounts of power like Mercedes' AMG cars did, instead the M Division managed to make its name stick in our minds one corner at a time. On the other hand, Alfa Romeo had a fairly blank slate to work with and so far as we can tell, it's done well with that flexibility by going ahead and embodying everything there is to love about Italian cars in one sedan.

Essentially, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio couldn't have arrived soon enough to challenge the Germanic dynasty. This late in the game (the M3 is already three years old, not quite in its golden years but far along enough that other more exciting competition eclipses it) the Giulia QV has beaten the standard M3.

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So BMW came along and built the Competition Package M3, a sort of do-over to remedy the complaints flung at the normal F80 M3. More horsepower was added but more importantly, the suspension system was revised to the best cornering standards the M Division could muster, and apparently the hard work has paid off. While the Bimmer was the slowest in a straight line between itself, the Giulia QV, and the Mercedes-AMG C63 S, it trumps its contenders at the Anglesey Circuit by a convincing enough margin to let BMW keep its crown. However, the third and final test is the most important, with the winner being the car that can put the biggest smile on its driver's face. Stay tuned.

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