Drivetribe Learns The NSX Can't Touch The 911 Turbo Or GT-R On The Track

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The brilliant comparison series comes to a surprisingly disappointing end.

Drivetribe has just wrapped up its three-part comparison series between the Acura NSX, Porsche 911 Turbo and Nissan GT-R. The first video compared the weights and power output of each car. Part two aimed to see which made the sprint to 150 mph the fastest. The third and final video sees the trio head to England's Cadwell Park for a timed lap. Unfortunately Drivetribe editor-at-large Jethro Bovingdon had to contend with a wet track and some mechanical issues. Spoiler alert: It's the Acura NSX that gives Bovingdon the trouble.

The video is still worth a watch as Bovingdon simply and succinctly breaks down what makes each of these three cars special while also comparing and contrasting them. It's just a bit crappy that this comparison series didn't have the epic end we were so looking forward to.

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Hopefully Drivetribe is able to get these three cars together on another date. That being said, the only drama would really be over the fight for second place. The 911 Turbo absolutely smoked the GT-R with a lap time over four seconds faster. There's no way the NSX would catch it, but would it at least be able to save some dignity and take second? Thanks to a disintegrated brake pad we may never know.

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