Driving A Bentley At 206 MPH In The Outback Is As Awesome As It Sounds

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This is just INSANE!

When the team at Bentley Motors decided that they wanted to do a speed test of the Continental GT, it went without saying that no ordinary test would do. After all, this is Bentley that we're talking about. Everything involving the auto brand is on another level. It's for this very reason that the luxury British automaker trekked all the way out to the middle of nowhere in the Australian outback and dragged racing legend John Bowe with them to implement an extreme speed test.

The site of the extraordinary high-speed run was Stuart Highway in Australia's Northern Territory. The Highway is one of only three de-restricted roads in the world and the Australian equivalent of Germany's famed Autobahn.

When Bowe took the road-going 626-hp W12-powered GT Speed Grand Tourer on the long stretch of outback road, something absolutely extraordinary occurred. He pushed the car to Vmax in a mere 76 seconds and covered a distance of 5.8 miles after reaching a top speed of 206 mph. This awesome video shows how it all went down.

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