Driving A Car With A Parking Boot On It Is The Stupidest Idea Ever

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But it does make for one hilarious video.

Everyone has wondered what would happen if they drove off with a parking boot attached to their car. You have wondered that before, right? Homer Simpson gave us our best glimpse at how insane such a stunt would be until this video from Chicago came along. It was posted on Reddit to the r/Chicago subreddit and stars a disgruntled security guard and a city employee just doing his job. The security guard is pissed that his car is being booted and instead of pummeling the guy booting it he decides to haul ass off instead.

As expected driving a car with a parking boot attached to it is not the smartest idea in the world. The guys tire pops instantly, but that doesn't stop him from gunning it and getting the hell out of Dodge. No word on how far down the street he actually got. Anyone care to guess?

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