Driving A Ferrari Race Car On The Street Sucks

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Because race car.

Ask any self-respecting Ferrari salesman and they will proudly regale you with tales of how every Ferrari is built with the heart of a race car. In reality, most road-going Ferrari's, while being fast and agile, are miles away from providing anything near a true racing experience. But be honest with yourself, would you turn down the opportunity to drive a Ferrari F430 Challenge race car on the road? I know we wouldn't. And, as it turns out, neither did Doug DeMuro, the star of this video.

Oh, and did we mention the car basically has zero suspension travel? That means every little bump and pothole becomes a game of whether or not that bruise will be there tomorrow. But hey, it's a Ferrari race car. We'd all kill to drive one.

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In this video, Doug gets behind the wheel of a F430 Challenge car and takes it for a spin around the neighborhood in an attempt to see what the car would be like to live with on a daily basis (spoiler: not fun). The first major problem that arises is an issue of height. The F430 is not a big car by any stretch of the imagination. When you outfit it with racing seats and a full roll cage, it gets even tighter. Add onto that the fact that the car does not include air conditioning of any kind and you start to get a better understanding of how uncomfortable such a car would be on the street. Although we do have to admit that it does sound pretty epic when you hit the throttle.

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