Driving a Lambo Gallardo in the Snow

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A new sport for the Winter Olympics? We can certainly hope.

When driving around in a Lamborghini, one would typically envision smooth Italian mountain roads or even the Autobahn. But for professional freeskier and alpine ski racer John Olsson, that could also mean taking that all-wheel drive Italian supercar through some snow. Olsson is a longtime fan of all-wheel drive supercars, owning both an Audi R8 and a Gallardo, which is seen here in this video. Despite the heavy snow covering it as well as the ground, Olsson manages to dig the Gallardo out and take it for a little spin (literally).

So is the Gallardo, or any other AWD supercar, a better choice over a traditional rear-wheel-drive setup? Depends on what type of climate one lives in, but it's hard not to see the advantages of having all four wheels spinning here.

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