Driving Any Nissan GT-R Is Like A Samurai Trying To Kill You


If you treat them well, they'll return the favor. Otherwise...

For those familiar with motorsport history, the Nissan Hakosuka and R32 Skyline each dominated touring car racing, winning every single race they entered. Today's R35 GT-R never raced, but it did set a new Nurburgring record for its time, and Porsche wasn’t in the least bit happy about that. Point being is that these specific three GT-Rs are legendary. All three, at their respective times of launch, were at the forefront of technology. But when was the last time all three were compared at the same on American roads? Uh, never. Until now, that is.

Motor Trend’s Jason Cammisa (lucky bastard) had the rare opportunity to sample all three back-to-back-to-back. Because of the Hakosuka and R32’s racing roots, they’re not as refined as today’s GT-R, but that alone doesn’t make them any less seductive. Perhaps only more so.

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The former is powered by a straight-six that really gets going at 7,400 rpm. The R32’s twin-turbos and all-wheel drive made it a different car entirely, but it certainly helped pave the way to today’s R35. Will the eventual R36 be as ferocious and groundbreaking as these three Japanese icons? We definitely hope so because anything less would be a complete let down.