Driving Deep Into A Flood Is How You Anger Insurance Companies

But of course some people don't know that.

We are amazed that people still continue to drive their cars across flooded stretches of roads. Yes, a Lamborghini successfully forded a flooded road and the video of that act went viral, but rest assured that’s the exception and not the norm. What normally happens is that your car gets stuck—like what happened to this Aston Martin—and you may face a life-threatening situation. Those two things happened to this woman as she tried to drive across a flooded stretch of road in DeSoto County, Mississippi.

She almost gets out with only a scary story to tell as her initial foray into the flood leaves her car still able to drive out. Of course she uses this opportunity to drive deeper into the flood waters. Eventually her car sinks and she’s rescued, becoming yet another addition to the flood wall of shame.

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