Driving Instructor Abandons Applicant After Crashing into Pacific Ocean

A woman in Chile has a lucky escape as she plunges into the Pacific during her driving test.

In the Chilean town of Antofagasta, a driving test went horribly wrong as a panicked learner driver hit the accelerator instead of slamming on the brakes and ended up submerged in the Pacific Ocean. According to, the silver pickup careered off the road and into the water after a pedal mix-up. As the truck slowly sunk, instead of giving the applicant a helping hand, the driving instructor abandoned her, swam to shore and fled the scene.

The terrified woman was unable to release her seatbelt, but was thankfully rescued by a saleswoman from the nearby Terminal Pesquero who jumped into the water as the truck was submerging. It may be some time before she decides to undertake a fresh test.

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