Driving School Prank Stars Awesome Drifter Chick

Why isn't this girl starring in Fast & Furious?

LeonaChin Lyweoi may look innocent at first glance, but as we told you in thepast, this 28 year-old Malaysian is one of the craziest drifters out there. Butnow it turns out she can act too – at least well enough to pull anawesome prank on some unsuspecting driving school instructors. Wearing her best nerdy Asian girl costume, this Category 1 Ladies winner pretends to be aninnocent schoolgirl out for her first driving lesson. Equipped with "herbrother's" Nissan Silvia, she starts off with some classic newbie blunders.

But as you can expect, it doesn't take long for Leona to break loose andterrorize her instructors. Check out this hilarious video to get a glimpse oftheir reactions:

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